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Our Products & Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Exhaust Products and Custom Services we offer in Colorado Springs
Services we offer
Front Range Muffler has been serving the Colorado Springs area since 2000 and aims to provide convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the exhaust industry.
Exhaust Inspections
We thoroughly inspect your exhaust system for any leaks, rust, and/or disconnections.
(Foreign and Domestic vehicles)
Hanger Replacement
We replace exhaust system hangers whether they are broken or missing.
Pipe and Muffler Replacement
We replace rusted through and broken pipes and mufflers.

(Custom exhaust, Dual exhaust, Diesel pickup 4in & 5in systems, Original equipment mufflers, Turbo mufflers, Glass packs, Polished stainless steel mufflers, Brand name (Flowmaster, Magnaflow, DynoMax) mufflers, and Catalytic Converters.)

All New Exhaust System
We can replace just about every part of your exhaust system, single or dual, and manifolds in most cases.
With any work we do be it muffler repair, building an exhaust, etc. we always promise you-
  • Top Notch Workmanship
  • High Quality Products
  • Honest Estimates
  • Best Priced Quality Systems
All Military w/ID get 10% off!!!
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Owner/operator John Edmisson has been custom bending, welding and installing exhaust systems since 1979, and running Front Range Muffler since 2000. He does most of the work, and what he doesn't do, he oversees and inspects before your automobile leaves.

We don't think of exhaust work as fast food and neither should you. We know you care about your automobile and we take the time do the job right, whether it be a simple muffler repair/replacement or building a whole new exhaust system, the first time so you can get back on the road sooner.
Muffler Repair Shop — Muffler Replacements in Colorado Springs, CO
We offer a lifetime limited warranty on all of our muffler and exhaust installations and welding. There is a lifetime warranty on both DynoMax and Magnaflow mufflers, and a 3 year warranty on Flowmaster mufflers. For all warranty details call (719) 442-6740 or stop in.
Products we offer
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If you are ever in the downtown Colorado Springs region near Platte and Cascade, stop on by at Front Range Muffler for a free exhaust inspection or to schedule a repair.

In our website you will find links to hear what your vehicle may sound like after getting a performance exhaust put in place, an in-depth explanation to what can cause your catalytic converter to fail, and much more!
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