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Where integrity and quality meet your exhaust needs.

Front Range Muffler in Colorado Springs, CO

Welcome to Front Range Muffler! The muffler shop of choice in Colorado Springs!

At Front Range Muffler in Colorado Springs, you get:
Excellent quality work
Both honest and free estimates
No price hikes after you have already been given an estimate
And our guarantee that we will never try to sell you something you don't need or want.
This all comes from the experience that owner/operator John has had with over 15 years of doing custom exhaust, exhaust repair, and catalytic converter replacement, and is the basis for our motto, "Where integrity and quality meet your exhaust needs."

Throughout our site, you will find some examples of the look and sound of some of our exhaust work, our location and contact info, along with a great video that explains how your catalytic converter can fail, and what to do to prevent that failure from happening.
Below is a showcase of some of our favorite vehicles we've worked on in the past. Click on each picture to enlarge it. You can find more images and sound clips of our work.
We thank you for taking time to check us out, and hope to setup an appointment with you soon.
(719) 442-6740 | 229 N. Cascade Avenue | Colorado Springs, CO 80903